Throughout Europe, despite many efforts, young people leaving care are at risk of social exclusion and homelessness. International research consistently shows negative outcomes for care leavers.

The question what can be done to improve the youngsters’ quality of life and outcomes is difficult to answer. However, there are some key elements for the enhancement of care leaving. Research has stressed the importance of a gradual and flexible transition, a good preparation and an access to aftercare support. The A Way Home project aims at inspiring youth care providers to ameliorate their efforts for smoothening the care leaving in three ways.

Firstly, a strengths-based framework for youth care providers offers recommendations (general principles and examples) for a policy on care leaving at the level of the care facility.

Secondly, a database (or toolbox) of methods to prepare youngsters for leaving care can be used to choose or create an own method for care leaving in the facility. 

Thirdly, a training program supports youth care providers by sharing knowledge and experiences on care leaving.