Collective impact

“No single organization is responsible for any major social problem, nor can any single organization cure it”

We can only realize our ambitions when all relevant actors from different sectors work together to prevent and end homelessness among young adults. Together we develop actions that bring about fundamental changes for the target group. When we want to realize our Roadmap, the following basic conditions for collective impact must be fulfilled: Common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, backbone support

Afbeelding Collective Impact
Partners MTG

Mind The Gap Collective

The common agenda is developed and monitored in the Mind the Gap collective. We are a collective of people and organizations from very different sectors (care, housing, work, education, leisure, justice, ...) who take responsibility, are co-owners of the Roadmap and actions and this in connection with each other. We want to take the lead in realizing our ambition - All young adults in the city of Antwerp have a safe, supportive and nurturing home. The collective meets three times a year: all the members are kept informed and give input on the various objectives, actions and results. We decide within the collective about new actions and policy initiatives.

Mind the Gap Action Groups

The actions are developed, executed and followed up by 4 action groups: prevention, housing, care continuity and networking. The actions are dynamic: we evaluate, map the impact and conclude. Valuable actions are disseminated, new actions are developed. The leaders of each action group form the back office.

Mind the Gap Back Office

The back office is the supporting organization that is responsible for coordination, data collection and communication.

  • Working together towards realizing our ambitions by a follow-up of the objectives and action plan.
  • Follow-up of recurring patterns in the various actions (what works, what does not work) and formulate (policy) recommendations 
  • Support for each action group to involve missing actors that can strengthen our outcomes   
  • Optimal use of existing and new financing