8 things you should know for launching A Way Home

This document provides guidelines for European cities to launch and/or support local coalitions in order to reach a collective impact by generating and implementing a plan on preventing, reducing and ending youth homelessness.

Learning from the A Way Home experts

The founders of A Way Home, Melanie Redman and Stephen Gaetz, came to Antwerp the 17th and 18th of September 2018. They introduced to us the key concepts of this innovative approach to end and prevent youth homelessness: collective impact, prevention, coalition building, data collection, ...

You can watch the presentation in 3 films below.

More information on:


A Way Home - Introduction 1/3
How to reach collective impact


A Way Home - Introduction 2/3
How to make the shift to prevention & a strategy for change


A Way Home - Introduction 3/3
Data collection, programs (e.g. Housing First for Youth) & duty to assist