The A WAY HOME (AWH) model brings together service providers and policy makers working in preventing and ending youth homelessness.

Local coalitions achieve this through community planning, programs, public engagement, government relations, research, partnership & collaboration, actions and by consulting both with front-line service providers and youth with lived experience.

A WAY HOME Europe aims at facilitating the emergence of AWH coalitions in Europe focusing on the mobilisation of communities at city level. Based on the strengths of service providers and local networks, this structural approach will help you to achieve COLLECTIVE IMPACT, using :

  • Common Agenda
  • Shared Measurement Systems
  • Mutually Reinforcing Activities
  • Continuous Communication
  • Backbone Support Organizations

A WAY HOME started as a Canadian national movement, bringing together coalition partners dedicated to preventing and ending youth homelessness. It is now also being implemented in the USA, Australia and Europe. 

The A WAY HOME movement offers you support and tools to:

1. Create/enhance a local coalition

  • How to develop the structure?
  • How to identify stakeholders?
  • How to design a workplan & budget?

2. Organize a catalyst event and launch local stakeholder engagement

  • Developing a vision & mission
  • What are the guiding principles (prevention, emergency, housing & support)?
  • How to engage different stakeholders from public institutions (child protection, social services, education, justice, health, employment, etc.), youth, non-profit service providers, private sector (landlords, private foundations…), research and faith communities?
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3. Develop a common plan

  • What are resources are available or needed?
  • What data & research is available?
  • How do you consult with partners and stakeholders?
  • Setting priorities
  • Identifying objectives
  • Managing costs and performances
  • Agreeing targets and indicators

4. Implement the plan

  • What is the timeline?
  • What are the actions?