Collective impact

“No single organization is responsible for any major social problem, nor can any single organization cure it”

We can only realize our ambitions when all relevant actors from different sectors work together to prevent and end homelessness among young adults. Together we develop actions that bring about fundamental changes for the target group. When we want to realize our Roadmap, the following basic conditions for collective impact must be fulfilled: Common agenda, shared measurement, mutually reinforcing activities, continuous communication, backbone support

Collectieve impact

The A Way Home Collective

The common agenda is to be developed and lived by all actors involved in the coalition. As in Antwerp, there is close cooperation between people and organisations from a wide variety of fields (care, housing, work, education, leisure, justice, etc.).  Only by working and acting together can we achieve our goals of giving young adults in the pilot region of Villach, but also throughout Carinthia, the security of finding structures that can give them help and support in all areas of life that are important to them and in which they need support.

Back Office

The back office is the supporting organisation responsible for coordination, data collection and communication. Here the social department of the province of Carinthia works closely together with the project partner Diakonie de la tour.

  • Achievement of objectives through the action plan
  • Continuous evaluation of methods and results
  • Continuous communication and networking

Local Coalition