Intro: Duty to Assist

“When you see injustice, DO something about it”

"Everyone has the right to live a decent life". This is stated in the Belgian Constitution. The right to decent housing is central here and this is endorsed by the Flemish Housing Code: the availability of a suitable home, of good quality, in a decent living environment, at an affordable price and with housing security must be promoted. The rights of young adults (16 to 25 year) living in homelessness are not only violated in the field of housing, but several of their human rights are violated: Right to good living, Right to a home, Right to work, Right to an income, Right to health, Right to education, Right to a place of your own, ...

    Duty to Assist

    Homelessness among young adults must be erased. The Mind the Gap collective is joining forces to realize the following objective.

    All young adults in Antwerp have a safe, supportive and nurturing home. No young adult is homeless or has the risk of becoming homeless.

    Every young adult in Antwerp, together with his network and / or family, can count on on the services and support he needs to build a qualitative life in the various areas of life (welfare & care, living, education, work & entrepreneurship, leisure, youth, culture, sport, ....).

    Our ambitions

    • A talent-oriented and proactive approach to working with young adults is the the norm for all services. All interventions are focused on strengthening the network and developed from a perspective led by the young adult.
    • All Antwerp actors from various domains (care, housing, work, education, leisure, justice, police, ...) connect their strengths and are partners in a local coalition that prevents and ends homelessness among young adults. Together with the youngsters we work on concrete actions and we think out of the box. We work in the short, medium and long term.
    • Services in the various domains are connected and integrated to garantuee continuity in care